How to be a Naturopathic Patient

  1. Follow the instructions from your naturopath. If you are having a problem understanding or following your treatment plan INFORM HIM/HER. It is the naturopathic physician’s job to individualize a program that will BOTH work for you and that you can follow.
  2. Have reasonable expectations for results. It took time for symptoms to manifest; it is only reasonable that it will take time to get back on a healthy path.
  3. You may have a reaction to natural medications. Things that are natural are not always without side effects. If there is a problem with your medication(s) INFORM THE DOCTOR.
  4. Make sure that you understand what you are taking and why you are taking it.
  5. We support patient responsibility. Your job in entering this agreement with your naturopath includes changing life-style habits that may be interfering with your health goals.
  6. Make sure your questions are answered. Make a list of questions BEFORE your visit to ensure that enough time is scheduled to answer them.
  7. Illness or imbalances can be seen as a metaphor for your life. Sometimes we need a wakeup call to orient our lives. This can be done without judgment or chastisement.
  8. Naturopathic physicians work WITH you and don't do things TO you. You are a vital part in the treatment plan. See # 5.
  9. Relax. It's easy to get excited about all kinds of things. Know that your naturopathic physician has your best path to health in mind. By relaxing and breathing, you will help yourself stay on the path towards reaching your health goals.